Computational Structural Biology in Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Gianluca Interlandi

Foege N430E gianluca_at_uw_dot_edu

My laboratory combines tools from computational structural biology, like molecular dynamics simulations and Monte Carlo, with simple experimental assays, like flow chamber experiments, to unravel the molecular basis behind biological processes like the blood coagulation cascade and cellular adhesion.

You can find a list of publications here.

Examples of projects in my laboratory include:

1) The function of von Willebrand Factor.

2) Polymerization of fibrin molecules.

3) Allostery in cellular adhesion.

4) Orientation of protein molecules on material surfaces.

Lab members:
Kalkena Sivanesam postdoctoral fellow
Eric Pederson graduate student
Yiming Li undergraduate capstone student

Past lab members:
Elisa Harrison graduate student (in collaboration with Dr. David Castner)
Zachary Jacobi rotation graduate student
Rachel Tsai undergraduate student biochemistry